KHS America is pleased to announce we are transferring the imprinting of Hohner Harmonicas to Delmar Products, Inc. to re-launch the Hohner Harmonica imprinting business.

We would like to take this time first to thank you for your patience and understanding while we worked to find the right solution for this effort. Second, to let you know that we are still committed to this effort and finally that we are here to support Delmar Products and their whole team in ensuring the success of this venture.

While Delmar Products, Inc. is a pioneer in the application of three-dimensionally patterned materials they are also a leader in the promotional product industry.  They have been customizing products specifically guitar picks, kazoos, drumsticks, etc. with D’Andrea for years. Luigi D’Andrea began many innovations a century ago, among them marketing of picks, which became his forte.  In the 1930’s he personalized his first guitar pick for the then-popular guitarist Nick Lucas.  That innovation and passion have channeled through the family circle.  The business passed down through the generations of the D’Andrea family has now transitioned operations of the company over to a long-time friend and business partner John J. DiMugno, Jr. and his company Delmar Products, Inc.  Their dedication to innovation along with seamless customer service, customer satisfaction, and quality products is evident in all they do.

Delmar will be taking orders for imprinting Hohner harmonicas beginning March 2016.  Delmar is in position to start processing pad printed orders upon rollout; Laser engraved orders will have a 30 day lead time for the time being.  Please contact or to place an order, any questions or to find out more information.